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My friend and I had a conversation about my eternal status as the 'single friend'

  • E: It's not like you have to change or whatever.
  • Me: Umm Hello? I'm not even scared of my future cause I just know it'll involve a 100 and 25 cats.
  • E: Look, here's what you gotta do: Lie about your education, political views, do NOT be smarter than the guy you're with, or better yet, don't be smart at all.
  • Me: So to sum things up, I should just lie about my whole personality?
  • E: Exactly.
  • Me: Because that's a great way to start a relationship?
  • E: Exactly! You just gotta pretend to be someone else. You know, someone who's dumb and sweet and accommodating.
  • Me: Um. I probably shouldn't be taking advice from a starving artist who's been in love more times than I've gotten my period.
  • E: Fine! Then be alone with your cats and your books, and masturbate while watching your cats having sex!!
  • Me: I honestly have no reply to that.

FML. Seriously.

So I work at an animal clinic and today I went in and after being there for about 15 minutes I’m called to the back where a dog threw up, shat himself, and peed on the floor AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME.

(To be fair the dog was freakin’ adorable, while I was on all fours cleaning his massive shit off the floor he kept nudging my face with his nose and looking at me with this “I’m incredibly sorry for making a mess, Madam” face. And yes, the dog had a British accent according to my impression, okay? Fuck off.)


After I’m done cleaning that shit up (no pun intended) I set out to do my actual job which is to sit behind a very comfy chair, troll the internet, and make people pay for their pets shots. But no, today I had to give a cat medicine in her vein which means that I have to closely monitor how much I give the cat cause I can easily overdose and thus end the poor bastards life (you can imagine how fucking stressful that can be). So I’m done with that at 22:00. (I’m supposed to get off work at 20:00) and I’m just about to leave when the veterinarian I was working with reminded me to check on the cat at 22:15 to quote MAKE SURE THE CAT’S STILL ALIVE unquote. SERIOUSLY?



P.S.: Of course, I didn’t. In exactly 2 minutes I’m going to check on the cat, and it better fucking be alive.

Mouth diarrhea of mine.

I can NOT spell to save my life.

Not a fan of religion. Or hipsters. Or Republicans. Or people who are not intelligent.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Unless it's hate mail or spam in which case I hope you die, too.

Oh, and If I forgot to mention you as a source let me know instead of bitching about it anonymously in my ask box like some PMSing cunt.

Umm. Yay?

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